ILO Convention 151 passed on third reading & ratified by Senate


ILO Convention 151 passed on third reading & ratified by Senate. 40 years late but brilliantly and courageously passed by 22 Senators as endorsed and also earlier signed by PRRD. Kudos to the President and the SENATORS for blazing new trails. What a leap of political imagination! We are the first Asian nation to ratify this ILO CONVENTION and by this ratification we bind ourselves to the right of government workers to organize. Public sector unionism can only mean a stronger, more dedicated, assertive civil service, uncowed and unintimidated, in serving the FILIPINO PEOPLE.

The President first intimidated to us he would move to have it passed this February 27 because he said that he would support an empowered civil service. This is also a recognition of 40 years of lobbying and struggle by government workers. Special mention must also be made of Senators Legarda, Villanueva, Hontiveros and Poe. Now that the President has made good for government workers, we await for Presidential certification of HB 4444 and major amendments to cure Executive Order 174. This is crucial to ensuring Endo will finally end as promised by Duterte. Contractualization for the private sector workers is an unfair, oppressive condition that too, has long overstayed its legitmization under our laws. If ratification of ILO CONVENTION 151 was a leap of political imagination by the President, we now need our President to make a leap for justice to end contractualization.